A technical post

Just a quickie:


I have added the blogroll.  Its on the links tab near the header up there ^ somewhere.  If you aren’t there and you know I read you, please give me a shout out so I can link love you too.  I’m not a snob and you know it, so don’t be shy.

Speaking of links, I want you to click this right now.  Its my good old friend Wobbo who gave up his life to help people on the other end of the world.  Its a new blog, but has me enthralled already.  He over analyses everything and makes you think about things that you don’t really want to think about.  But he also has a sense of intelligence and humour that will spank you when you least expect it. 

Go read my friend!

Then.  I want to do a poll.

But I can’t add one here.  So leave a comment and tell me which you would prefer reading:

a) a self hosted wordpress designed blog complete with comment follow ups and rss feeds

b) a simple blog that allows you to just read the article and leave in a hurry

c) this blog, in all its glory. Keep things the way they are!


  1. Amy says:

    You know i already read ” Wobbo “‘s blog… i miss our three ways! Err, that doesnt sound quite right…..

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