A quickie for you on a Monday

What? Its Monday AGAIN?! How the hell does this keep happening? I want to see the manager. GET. ME. THE. MANAGER.

*Heeee* hello all of you.

In random news, my weekend was fabulous, I have decided to go back to contact lenses and use my glasses only at night when I’m in my jarmies at home reading the YOU, I’ve got news that going to blow your mind with regards to the UmFriend, I’ve found heaven in a pair of jeans, went to movies TWICE this weekend and both times Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E were sold out, saw Frit & the kids and celebrated my Moeders birthday in style on Friday night.

Kinda forgot who was meant to be the birthday girl and opened prezzies, shared a blankie with a male specimen, drank wines & ate foods.

But now its a Monday 🙁

How are you?


  1. shebee says:

    oh lawd, i used to have weird fantasies about Tony Soprano… I don’t like to talk about it much though.

  2. angel says:

    i am fabulous.

    yes- you can hate me now…

    i had a great weekend, my son is fantabulous lately, my glugs loves me and my furbabies are happy!

  3. shebee says:

    Swiss – the YOU hasn’t changed. I buy it once a year maybe, and it still has the same lame articles in it. I’ll say hi for you 😉

    Angel – *cue barfing* 😛 LOL

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