A poem on my body fluids

City lights at night are cool
Makes me want to sit at the pool
Not that we have one, mind you
Excuse me please, I need the loo

The beee-baaah around the street
intermittantly interrupts my sleep
I want to find a machine gun and
go marching down to them with a band

I have toilet tissue just near by
for when my nose decides to cry
it leaks and leaks and leaks and leaks
in between the times my bum squeaks

Have I mentioned I that I’m dying?


  1. shebee says:

    Bridget had a comment here about me being brillaiant (her spelling, not mine) or something but I deleted it by mistake. Sorry Budget.

  2. Amy says:

    Seriously, that is the sexiest picture i’ve ever seen of you Sheena…. your booga-licious!

  3. B says:


    Dunno how to tell you this chickypoo… but you got some strings coming out your nose..

    Just being polite.. just being polite..

  4. shebee says:

    Dudes. Only on my blog would someone point out my eyebrows are ‘perfect’. I consider this to be the latest worst ever photo of me!

    Gluggie – the blog senses how much you love it and gets a little freaked out. Take it down a notch or two, perhaps?

    Hee hee

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