A paradox.

I hate my cervix, you know.  I truly do.  I feel like I need it to be sent to finishing school and get taught how to fucking behave itself man.  It’s keeping me up at night and making me sick in the mornings.  It makes what is usually just a mild, annoying period look like there’s a massacre going on inside me.  Sorry, TMI I know, but you guys can just deal with it, okay?  I have a war going inside my body and I don’t know who’s fucking winning. Stupid fucking girl bits.  DIE IN A FIRE!


Piano so kindly pointed out my face break out and asked with big eyes, in a manner of ‘please don’t shoot me if I’m wrong’ a question that made me roll my eyes and point my fork at him menacingly: “yes (clenched teeth) I do happen to have my period going on currently, how could you tell?”.  Ginger promptly smacked him over the head and gave him the hairy eyeball.


In other news, oh my sack I am totally whipped.  I know, the girl who doesn’t admit the girly feelings just admitted to being “whipped”.  Sigh. 


And, more immediately, Cow_grrrl aka Suetjie arrives this afternoon at 4pm.  I pick her up from the airport at work.  I am soooooo frikken excited, dudes.  I was so excited I sat on twitter with her all morning instead of getting ready for work and didn’t realize the time until I realized I had minus 7 minutes to get to the office and I was still sitting in my crumpled cow print pink pyjamas.


Another bonus for me is that I am being introduced to The Best Pizza In The World, courtesy of the great power couple Vincealita tonight and meeting a whole bunch of other people including my lovely fellow Durban blogging rockstar Briget!


Anyway, I’m chatting on skype to the boy and also my always-partner in crime and other, Cath, GHDing my hair in my office, trying to fix the two VERY different shaped eyebrows I currently have and I might even paint my naals a bright shade of orange to clash brilliantly with the turquoise colour I decided to don my body with this morning.


Happy Friday to you and happy tweet up weekend to myself!



  1. Tanz says:

    Guy McLaren, coz its not blood, its baby food that wasn’t needed, like a bit of blood mixed with mucous stuff I think, and also even if it was all blood, the amount that comes out wouldn’t kill you, you need to lose alot more than that to die from bloodloss. Next time your gf/wife is having hers do a scientific trial, no tampons or pads to be used, she can sit over a bowl for the 5 or so days and you will see how much has collected. tee hee.

    Shebee, where is the best pizza place in Durban, asking coz I live there, so I’m curious. Thanks.

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