A note to you, you and you

Things you’ll never know:

· the amount of times you’ve tried to erase him in life will never erase him out my heart

· how i’ve sat and stared into space tapping my foot in an attempt to keep my grip

· how often i laugh. at you, about you and because of you

· the fight you caused with Her and I, in a misunderstanding

· that day i cried and doubted myself because of everything you’d said

· although you might have made it inconvenient for me, i’ve learnt a lot from this situation

· i will move on to bigger and greater people than you, who actually like me as I am

· you don’t understand, do you? i don’t care what you think. so stop telling me

· that since then i have been bruised, but not broken and its all circumstancial

Things I want you to know:

· nothing you do could ever fix this. nothing.

· i still don’t have a plan for what i want

· it has nothing to do with you, it never did

· you aren’t important enough for me to even try explain

· you don’t get me, you never did and you never will.

· you can’t cope with them, and thats your biggest downfall

· its your loss, not mine

· i might not know who i am this minute, but at least im trying to learn

· you missed out, she was so fulfilling

Things I already know:

· i was so wrong, i made a huge mistake. i’m sorry Me.

· the best decision i made was getting out of that situation

· i wasted my time and energy on something that wasn’t worthy

· i am no devil, i am no angel, i’m just me.

· the eyes are a window into someone’s soul – your windows were broken, shattered and burglar barred up.

· i should have listened to my gut the instant it kicked me in my teeth


  1. Amy says:

    I absolutely love that last one Sheena. Kind of a crude way of putting it, but, however, so very profound….

  2. shebee says:

    Amy – its so true though…

    Cath – I think we’re spending too much time together my love.

    Angel – thanks hun

  3. Stef says:

    very nicely said or put or what is the right thing to say!?
    you’ve come a long way sweetheart, it shows, and in a good way 🙂

  4. sonnyvsdan says:

    dammit. left a comment but your site ate it.

    Is psycho still lurking around?

    Have you been keeping up with my european travels? gutendashciao.blogspot.com

    Stay tuned for one on Nepal. Oh yeah, am going to nepal for a year (keep up), miss you chook.


  5. shebee says:

    Stef – thanks my lovie. I try…

    SvD – yeah, its still around but cannot speak or control anything on this here site. Woop!

    What you doing in Europe today, other than crashing into police Merc’s?

    Miss you too chop

  6. sonnyvsdan says:

    Am in Amsterdam today waiting years for the plane to allow me to get on board and be bored for however many hiours it takes to get to malaysia. Where I will wait again until they let me get on a plane to melbourne. Where I have tio get on a bus for 2 hours to get to my home. Where it will be 7am and i have to stay awake for an entire day until night time comes to handle the jetlag.

    Of course at that point in time my friends will want to go out, because I have 3 weeks left in the south before heading to my parents in the north. Before embarking for nepal.

    Did I mention that the room is spinning because I didn’t realise that beer wasn’t allowed in the internet cafe and I had to skull half a litre before entering? Ouch.

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