A month of images…

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  • On Friday night I took my mom on a MommyDaughter date. We saw The Phantom of the Opera.
  • With me being so sick this last weekend, this is how Jon spend most of his weekend. When he wasn’t tucking me under blankets, feeding me soup or rubbing my head.
  • My mom patiently hiding her excitement as we waited outside the doors of the theatre before seeing Phantom.
  • My boy cat, Pixel, getting some cuddles from Jon under the couch duvet.
  • Braai condiments, Durban style. Yes, that is peas, bananas & mayo with condensed milk.
  • We went on the #MINIyournight adventure on Kayalami race track. Jon found his inner kamikaze pilot. I was afraid.
  • A Sunday road trip from Sun City through Haartebeesport Dam.
  • A few weeks ago I attended a Tsogo Sun night out, where I got to meet Chef Benny from Masterchef SA. What a cool dude.
  • Ooops. A nail polish accident. I was not Jon’s most favourite person in the world.
  • Check it out, our new outdoor furniture from Jon’s mom. Purdy, huh?
  • Meet Misty, my mom’s new kitty. She’s precious.
  • I managed to find a gigantic Easter bunny made of chocolate. Wok loved me for it.
  • A few weeks back Jon and I braved this starter. It’s raw lamb with mint and onion, served with mini papadums.
  • Look at my fit, running-addicted boyfriend. He’s doing so well, I’m really proud of him. I do miss my Sunday morning sleep-ins though.
  • Just something I saw on the side of the road on my way to work one morning. A hobo has no home of his own, yet created this little box and had bowls of food and water for his adopted pigeons. Really sweet.
  • I met Lloyd Cele! I covered the SAMAs this year and got to meet a bunch of SA musicians, Lloyd being my favourite.


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