A Month in Pictures

It’s been a hell of a month. A hell of a year, actually, but let’s not jump on the bandwagon of everybody bitching about 2015 like it’s a specially created ninja asshole come to earth with the mission of making each and every one of us miserable. Even though that’s what it’s felt like sometimes. I won’t be sad to see the end of this year, even though bringing in 2016 won’t magically take away the stress, it’ll be good to start again and feel refreshed.

I’m working straight through the holidays and will be the only one in my team at the office, but I am actually looking forward to the quiet time. One of the biggest things I’ve battled with returning to work is the sensory overload on the daily. People never stop talking, ever. And they eat fish, or steamed broccoli. Or they wear too much perfume. Or they stop at my desk and rock my cubicle dividers. OR THEY REFUSE TO PUT THE AIRCON ON IN 40 DEGREES OF JOBURG SUMMER HELL! Go away people, I’m looking forward to working alone.

In other news, family life is grand. I’m so in love with our trio unit fondly referenced as Team Kretzmer, puke-inducing as that may be. I chose well, these boys complete my life, truly. So let me catch you up on the last month through the medium of photos.


Not a fan of butternut. Or sweet potato. Or anything that isn’t sweet, sugar-filled cerelac. Solids are going so well.


Chilling at school, where he is doted on every day like the cutest little baby in the world should be.


Looking at him sleep like this I can’t help but think he’s a tiny, old little man with a balding head. 


Adorable BatBaby is adorable.


My daily welcome home party


What you can’t see is that even my knees are covered in his dinner.


“All toys are belong in my mouth”
– Aiden, 5 and a half months.


One times feverish little nunu bug. Shame – had his parents running around like two headless chickens panicking “HE’S GOT A TEMP OF 39! WHAT DO WE DOOOO!”


It’s so sweet how Carter and Aiden love each other. Usually. This day Aiden wasn’t feeling it.


Instituted a new tradition for bed time. Dr Suess and Roald Dahl are alternated nightly. Aiden mostly wants to eat the pages, but also laughs and raises eyebrows at his daddy’s silly voice impressions.13

Cutest panda-zebra hybrid ever? Why yes, I think so.


We spent one early evening putting this bad boy up, to the soundtrack of the Christmas music channel on dstv. Aiden’s face this morning was like “WTF is this thing it’s magical!”


Thanks, mom. I’ll take it from here.


  1. laurakim says:

    Cutest kid!

    Those little NUK tubs are the best ever!! We are trying to potty train – I think having a litter of puppies is easier to deal with! (I know you didn’t ask but I need to share my trauma)

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