A humour blog award? Really?

It’s been said a lot recently that I have a lot of “water under the bridge” when it comes to my life.  Well, Nancy Richards said that in particular, when she interviewed me on her radio show Otherwise, broadcasting on SAFM weekdays at 1.05 – 2pm. She couldn’t understand how my blog was runner up in the Humour Category of the SA Blog Awards 2009.  You see, she skimmed my blog, saw one times dead boyfriend, a few times dead family members, loss of childhood friend due to boating accident, one times brother nearly flaking due to shot in the head, one times daughter, now on vacation with the little baby Jesus up in heaven.  She saw this and said, “how are you doing this? Going from all of that, and turning it into a happy reading experience” if I remember correctly.

When I was accepted for my current job, it wasn’t because of my filing skills, or the fact that I know how to drive a computer (although I’m sure that does help, considering 99% of my job is online – you kinda need a computer for that sort of thing), but it was for this very blog.  The one which started out dark and gloomy and transformed itself into a colourful, bright and sometimes funny page on the internet where strangers come to read about my arbitrary life for whatever reason they deem fit.

My answer?  It’s easy.  The side to me you don’t see is when I’m sitting on my bed at home, MacBook open in front of me, propped on a pillow while I tap away at these keys.  You don’t see the half empty luke-warm cup of tea or the birds sitting on the tree branch right outside my window.  You don’t see the pretty duvet set on my bed, full of colour and happy patterns.  What you don’t see, is me – at my best.  At my most comfortable, at my most honest pose, about to pour a little bit of my heart out for the internet.

The internet that has become my friend and companion when no one else was able to.  The internet that has stood by me, with me, for me, in those times of my need.  The internet that has given me the freedom to learn, speak, listen and find out the person who I’ve turned out to be.  And with that, the internet that has brought me to so many of my now life-long friends.

It’s my happy place, away from a happy place.  The happy place where I sit down to write about things happening in my life, when the long day is over and my feet hurt from tapping to music or my lips ache from all the kisses my boyfriend gives me.  The happy place where I can reflect on the good that is my life, and tell you a little about the sometimes bad.  Because it’s my catharsis.  And to answer Nancy’s question of if I hope to ever give up blogging and live my life without it, no.  I don’t hope so.  Because although I don’t blog nearly as often as I used to, this is my home too.  And you are all my friends.  I might not have the dedication to daily blogging I once used to, but the love of blogging has never died.

So this is me, thanking you.  The internet, the tweeple, the people I spend time with outside of this blog, but do so because of it.

Thank you for listening, for reading, for commenting and for caring.  Even when you didn’t, the blog was still here for me.  And that in itself is enough.


  1. cath says:

    and having me cry on the phone out of extreme pride

    love you sheen.

    the interwebbies brought me you. and so so so much more.

    thank you X

    • Shebee says:

      HAHA Guy! Nah, I’ve only given it up once, after the Catto incident. I came to my senses soon enough though.

      Jenty – I do. It’s my one true love 😉

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