A few things I’d like to point out

  1. You can sign up and register on my site.  This doesn’t mean you will get spammed, but you won’t have to keep entering your details when you want to comment.  That was a hint, subtle enough?
  2. I have two tabs at the top of the page – About Me is one of them, the other is a nifty little thing to tell how many people are on my blog in real time – its brilliant.
  3. I have copied over the majority of my favourite links, if I’ve left anyone out please don’t shout – I’ll get to it.
  4. The shout box is officially working – don’t be afraid to use it.
  5. As always, I encourage you to read, respect and really enjoy yourselves here.  Don’t be rude to others and don’t for fuck sakes insult anyone maliciously.  Dammit.  Not everyone has rhino hyde skin like I do.
  6. The cat sux, I know this.  I promise you that it will be changed as soon as I have a better logo to upload.  Thats another subtle hint for any of you clever dicks out there who feel the need to design a logo for lil old me who is clueless about these things.
  7. I’m still me.  Just with a fancier home.  Don’t let the new layout intimidate you please, its not as unfriendly as the user might think.  I know, I was one of them.
  8. I am craving vanilla ice cream with bar one sauce.  That was random, I know.  But now you know – so there.