A face to Kiera

A wise friend of mine said something to me yesterday. I was battling with the idea of having the weekend dedicated to acknowledge Kiera’s birthday. It made me feel weird and the whole concept seemed a bit pointless, to be honest. But then he said something that made it a little bit easier to digest:

“Thousands of years later people still celebrate Jesus’ birthday, Sheena. That only happens with special people. You should change your mind set.” Not that he was comparing her to Jesus, he meant that it w– ag man, you know what I mean. Don’t be so flipping touchy!

Thank you for all your messages, comments, emails and tweets. I don’t know if this is weird exactly, but it’s certainly a new thing for me, I’ve put together a few of my favourite pictures of Kiera. They represent a couple of memories I have. I am not one of those people who whip out photos and show people loved ones, but I figured after years of you listening to me talk about Kiera and her life and death, it would be only fair for you to at least have an idea of what she looked like.

They aren’t the best quality, I’ve taken a photo of the original photo, but here’s a break down.

Kiera in the pram:

She used to love the TV. Isidingo was her favourite show, I’m pretty sure she had no idea what was going on, but it used to be the only South African program we watched, so she must have liked the accents or something. I remember once when my step dad tried to change the channel she threw such a tantrum he eventually ended up putting Isidingo back on and she grinned like a brat who just beat the school bully for the toy. It wasn’t that it was just any old TV program, she liked that particular one.

Mowgli Smile:

Is what Britt and I nick named Kiera’s grin. It was always lopsided, just like the character from Jungle Book. She smiled often, which is amazing considering she breathed the equivalent of 20 people’s breaths in one hour. She still had enough energy after all that hard work to smile at me.

Me holding Kiera:

This photo was taken at 3am in the morning. My mom used to wake up and we’d have coffee in the middle of the night because that was when Kiera would be wide awake from her 12pm medication. We would be entertained for ages by her giggles and grins in between drinking her milk and trying to pull the pipes out of her nose to suck on them. It frustrated me no end, because although it amused her, I would just about have a bloody heart attack as the oxygen would go everywhere but into her lungs, thus turning her lips blue


  1. Stef says:

    great idea!!! nothing uncomfortable about this sheenabean 😉

    and you really should light a candle for her this weekend. i got that from my mom… every year she lights a candle for her mom (on her birthday) that passed almost 30 years ago… the candle burns the whole day and i’ve always find it heart warming that my mom never forgets her…

    have a good weekend X

  2. Glugster says:

    You know. This is the first time I have seen pictures (I think) and I have met you in person already. Twice.

    And you’ll never make us feel uncomfortable!

  3. Jenty says:

    I love the photo of the two of you, it’s such a special moment to share.
    No reason for you to be uncomfortable with this at all. Maybe plant her a garden, or a tree, and have picnics under it every year (eventually). I think it’s important that you always celebrate her birthday.

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