A coupla fings bout mi dai

Ja, see – I speak "mxit". I’m "hip". I no hw da lingo go’s, yo – im gr8. If you’re wondering…don’t.

Anyway, aside from my "hipness" – I had the shitties day today (yesterday for those in Gwatamala and work-only-net-access). Aside from trying to fix the woman who left Jax’s office in one big three month fall behind, I had to take care of at least forty three thousand phone calls for the company above us as they were having "server issues". Whatever, I personally think the sextary and the boss wanted to get it on in the boardroom without telephonic interruption.

Also, Hugh Grant and I won’t be shagging as discussed in previous blog comments, thank you very much. It doesn’t make sense to go ahead and see if this whole thing pans out. I mean, I’m going to be leaving the country! Why get us both all in love and stuff and then make things worse when its my time to go? Thats what I keep telling myself anyway. It wasn’t really my decision, so we’ll go with it I suppose.

I do also want to tell you about my amazing little ten year old brother. I picked him up from school today, and the minute he got into my car he demanded to know why I was ‘bleak’ and miserable looking. I denied it, and then he said ‘is it because of that dude you’re always talking to when you think no one is around? Want me to get the boys to mess him up for you?’. Well! How rude of him to be spying on me, but also – how sweet to notice that something was going on with me before I even said anything. Even sweeter, his ‘boys’ are about as tall as midgets and half as dangerous.

I turned on my radio player and the song that came on had us both jiggling and shaking shoulders on the way out of the school drive. All of a sudden, Wok reached over and turned up the volume and sang into my hair brush on top of his voice. Not only did he sing every word to the Shaun Kingston Me Love song, he actually made up actions to go with it:

"I feel liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike, I’m drowning in the ooooooooooooooooocean *blocks nose and wiggles finger above his head while sinking into chair*

Soooome bodyyyyyyyy come and take me awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *points to me and then casts out the window in manner of avid fisherman*

Oh oh oh oh oh ooooohhhhhho, why’d you have to go-oh away from home, Me Love *walks his two chubby fingers away from me, followed by pointing to himself and then shaping his two hands into a heart*


I was in stitches! He cheered me up so much. Little people are such fun.

Oh! Oh my god, I haven’t told you yet! Lol, I am too ashamed, but here we go:


I have head lice! I nearly died when the doctor told me. Its from Tibby, Jax’s daughter. She had last week apparently and no one told me while I let her brush my hair. With HER FUCKING BRUSH! I’m mortified man. This doesn’t happen to ADULTS!

Anyway. I got some head scratching to do. Figuratively and literally.