A catch up :D

I’m in Durban at the moment.  Well, Scottburgh if you really want to get technical.  It’s funny how my brother Brandon and I always tend to move at the same time.  His girlfriend and him decided that life wasn’t coshure together and so they’ve gone their seperate ways.  This provides great excitement for him as he is now able to live the life of a young 20 something batchelor in his own young man’s dream pad.  It overlooks the ocean, has a kick ass wooden deck and he’s got all the equipment and tools to make other boys jealous.

All my furniture and kitchen utensils have been moved into his place and we spent the evening last night drinking beer and eating pizza while we unpacked to the beats of UK top 40 and then watched movies.  He’s sad but he’s so brave and determined to make his home awesome, and it will be.  Pity he’s having to shower in his old empty flat as his new place doesn’t have water until Monday morning.  This morning I woke up to him swearing and shouting cos the toilet wouldn’t flush (no water) and the sewage has an odorous problem which he has to live with until a plumber can come out tomorrow.  On the plus side, he has been taught (by me, I’m so clever) how to make omlette’s in the microwave.

I’ll be going to Cape Town this weekend I think.  It’s the blog awards ceremony which I really want to be a part of, and I have a couple of things to attend to for NerdMag with my awesome partner, then back to Jozi from there.  I feel like I should be investing in Kulula Airlines what with all the travelling I’ve been doing of late.

We had 27Dinner in Durban on Friday night.  What a jol.  I had no idea what I was going to be speaking about right up until I stood in front of 30 people and opened my mouth.  It was really good to meet some of the attendee’s, Justin was MC for the evening and it suited him so well.  Marc Forrest was the quiet force behind us organising the shindig and Cath sat quietly until she couldn’t anymore and promptly stood up and said “I wanna speak too, goddamnit!”.  We can only keep her quiet for so long at these things, eventually she can’t contain herself and her dynamic personality has to come out 😉  Mike Stopforth was a lot quieter than I imagined and I must thank him for coming through despite having had to turn down an invitation to view the live cricket game from a box with the opportunity to mingle with some impressive CEO’s in Jo’burg.

Oh, I totally climbed into the wrong car last night and started bitching to some poor man about how sucky the spar is in Scottburgh.  I only realised this when I looked up to stunned silence and his alarmed eyes telling me that I was fully in the wrong car with the wrong person.  My bad, Steven, thanks for not calling the cops on me!


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