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So, I was told that I am “unflatteringly forgetful” today.  How awesome, thanks fucker – take a number and get in line of where all the other people in my life missed my sense of awesomeness  and unique ability to conveniently misplace certain details I should remember but don’t because I’m TOO BUSY BEING AWESOME!

I’ve been watching a lot of Desperate Housewhores lately.  It has begun to bore me, which makes me so sad.  Also, after a friend boy pointed out that I am just like Susan the show kinda started losing its appeal.  Either way – I have to finish the series, I’m OCD like that.  On that note, however, this is an official call out to anyone in and nearby my area – I want to watch more series.  Which ones do you recommend, and more importantly – can I pirate them from you?

In other news: FML.

And a random aside: IRNTGLBADWABP <- ten points to whoever guesses what that stands for.

Okay.  So.  In following ExMi’s pattern – I’ve decided to open up my life, since I blog so badly these days.  You may ask me any question and I will answer honestly and as openly as possible.  No question goes unaddressed. 

That is all.

 PS: I’m *REALLY* looking forward to having a friend visit me later this month for a weekend.  I’m so excited it’s ridonkulous!  July hurry the hell up already!


  1. Shebee says:

    The ditsy one 🙁

    Also, she doesn’t think before she acts. She has constant foot-in-mouth syndrome. And bad luck.

    Yeah, I don’t see the resemblance at all.

  2. Bergen Larsen says:

    Did you hear I have big tonsils? [true story]

    THat was me distracting you from other people being asses. And I’d recommend Dead Like Me as a series as well as How I Met Your Mother. Awesomeness in a box set.

  3. Andre says:

    Sheebs, play fair, they’re ALL fucking ditZy, non-planners, with the attention-span of a caffienated gnat, who cannot help but insult each other and themselves, pretty much every time they open their mouths.

    And. No. You’re not like her. Or them. Klaar.

  4. Snappingturtle says:

    Oh, bergen… A man after my own heart! Shebee, seriously, get your hands on how i met your mother… It is the best most hi-freaking-larious show ever! You will not regret this!

  5. ExMi says:


    i have MANY questions.

    1. (name and shame) worst shag ever, and why.
    2. last lie/bullshit story you told and why.
    3. just how big *are* your boobs?
    4. am i ever going to get my black pinstripe blazer and brown dress back?
    5. who, on the internets, would you shangalang with, given half a chance and a rohepnol?
    6. who’s your daddy?
    7. S, WCAM.

    okay, so the last two aren’t technically questions, but whatever yo.


  6. Gina says:

    Hmmmm, questions….

    1. Do you own any adult toys?

    2. What is the real colour of your hair?

    3. Weirdest place you ever had sex?

    Just to get the ball rolling… 😉

  7. cath says:

    1. Do you really think my new shoes are odern?
    2. If you werent going to shit pooh, what would you shit?
    3. If there was one thing you wish you doesnt have to worry about again, what would it be?
    4. How much more code speak could I throw into these questions, disguised as horrific grammar?
    5. Did you know that i recently purchased an abundance of pens?
    6. When do you think Vodacom will sponsor me?
    7. How is the new kettle?
    8. Have you had sex in your new place yet?

  8. Snappingturtle says:

    1… What part of your body do you love the most?
    2… What part of your body do you dislike the most?
    3… Which boy was your best bonk? And the worst?
    4… When are you coming riding at @merylpixelmagic 😉

  9. Richard says:

    Sex toys, yes / no ?
    Sexy time, yes / no ?
    Wildest fantasy !?
    Craziest thing you’ve done while being naked?

  10. angel says:

    Whats your favouritist cocktail?
    Do you want a big classic wedding of your own one day?
    Have you ever watched Stargate SG-1?
    What makes you squeamish?
    What’s your favourite appliance?
    Whats your dream car?

  11. BlindCripple says:

    Do you snore?
    Do you know that for a fact?

    On top or bottom?

    Hands or mouth… Both ways actually.

    Do you have a favourite movie?

    Are you a screamer?

    How many boys have you been in love with?
    And how many have loved you? (that you know of)

    Series: Entourage. The language alone will get you watching.

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