A bit of a personal catch up on me…

I’m a bit bummed.  This dude is so sweet.  He’s funny too, which is always a bonus for me.  Being as soft spoken and quietly funny as he is, I sometimes find myself hosing at him just because its the last thing I expect.

Things have been so easy.  We kind of just slotted into this comfortable relationship where its easy to be with each other and be ourselves.  Also, he’s a rather good kisser, not gonna lie.  Truth is, I like him okay?  There, I said it.

Problem is, he moves away on Wednesday, to a place an hour and a half away.  To my home town, in fact.  So, the long distance thing has never been my forte.  Looks like I’m destined to always be the single chickie.  I’m bummed hey.

Also, my hair was green today.  My mother convinced me to be a guinea pig for her new hair products and my fucking hair turned green.  Its now been (sort of) saved with a second dye and resembles a somewhat brown/black leopard.  Oh well, I have hats.  Mon20Q to follow soon.


  1. Amy says:

    Awwww. I hat totally hate when that happens.

    But hey, around this part of the world, an hour and half is not all that much, just means weeknights are harder to see each other and you have to save all the good stuff til the weekend!

  2. justBcoz says:

    Oyness … blotchy hair is definitely worth a sympathy sob.


    That happened to me just one week before my fricken wedding!! How crap is THAT?

    So I guess you can count your blessings that you ain’t walking down that aisle anytime soon Bee …

  3. Stalker says:

    shame my friend and only sunday I was admiring your lovely locks … oh dear

    Well from my soon to be book stalker 101 try this trick next time he comes to visit drug him and tie him up in your basement (if you dont have one a bathroom will do) and make him stay there forever and ever and you will will live happily ever after ;-p

    OK phyco maybe but think of the fun !!

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