A berry happy Don’t Get a VD Day to me!

Guys, I cannot express to you how awesome Jon made Valentine’s Day dinner last night.  We’ve got one rule to celebrate VDay: Make it special, not expensive.  Because then we’re allowed to do whatever we want, without adding to the commercialism that has become Valentine’s Day in general.

Last year was my turn and I spent hours creating cards with clues on them that sent Jon on a treasure hunt around the house.  He loved it.  I did too.

This year being his turn, I was explicitly forbidden to be home before 6pm.  When he eventually let me in the door, I was made to look at my feet while I was lead me to the bedroom where I had to wait it out or change out of work clothes and get comfortable while he finished up in the kitchen.

Eventually I was allowed to go through to the stoep downstairs, and he presented me with a mini cheese platter.  With a berry dip homemade by him, in the shape of a heart:

We sat down and caught up on our day, I ignored the fact that Jon was pants-less (again.  He likes wearing no pants lately.  Oddball.) and I munched on my two favourite cheeses with him.

Next up was the main meal.  Beef fillet, roasted sweet potato chips & a cheese sauce with a difference:

It wasn’t enough that Jon let me sacrifice our spare bedroom to the colour pink, apparently.  If you look at the photo above and wonder if your eyes are deceiving you, they’re not.  That pink cheese sauce is really pink.  On purpose.  Because he’s amazing.

And just when I thought he couldn’t get any more domestic, out came the berry Pavlova I’ve been whining about and craving for weeks! Please note, and he wanted to make sure I understood this one hundred percent, Jon made the berry puree all by himself.  It was not shop bought.  Those strawberries over there?  Yeah, he melted chocolate and dipped them in it too.  Amazeballs!

As if that wasn’t enough, Jon felt that we also needed an extra dessert.  Jelly.  But not just any jelly – home made jelly, WITH HEARTS IN THEM:

So there you have it.  Jon won Valentine’s Day.  And I won Jon, the best boyfriend in the world.

And because he’s so awesome, I’ve decided that I will definitely not be joining up on this website.

[You’re welcome, darling.]

So what have we learnt throughout this blog post, readers?

  1. Jon can never profess to not being able to cook dinner ever again, and
  2. I’ve got to up my game for our anniversary in August because him winning this year has not only touched my heart and soul and tickled my toes, but it has awoken the competitive beast in me by prodding it with a heavy wooden stick!


  1. gez says:

    That is truly awsome sheens 🙂 am so very happy you were spoilt to this level. You deserve all this and more. High 5 Jon 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Aww… thats so sweet! I love the pink sauce idea – the boy can cook AND he’s original!
    I was the primray VD organiser at our place ( no suprises there ) but as our dining table is currently covered in washing thatneeds to be folded, bills and other assorted crap….i served our chicken Caeser salad and banana tart tartin with caramel icecream on a blanket, on the living room floor, picnic-style, complete with candles and a glass or two of bubbly…

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