90 odd isn’t a bad age to die.

My step gran was diagnosed with Muscular Distrophy in the early Seventies.  She managed to stay out of a wheel chair for fifteen years longer than the doctors predicted.  She was never able to have any biological children so she adopted two, my step daddy Kev and his sister Lindsay.  Most of you know that I come from a huge family.  There are seven of us kids, and I’m lucky enough to have four parents.  Those parents each have their own parents, and we’ve cut down from My nanna (deceased) and Oupa (estranged) and my Grandfather (estranged) and Grandma (deceased) and Grandad Ross (deceased) to Granny Dora (the step granny I speak of here) and Grandpa Geoff (alive and kicking).


Granny D is the Matriarch of our family.  She’s ruled with an iron wheelchair for years.  From her little view from the bottom (since we all tower above her) she has been the foundation of many morals and values instilled into my step dad and passed onto us kids.  Every visit we can look forward to horrible tea and salt-less food prepared by her health care givers. 


And now, she’s suffering Renal Failure.


I’m not quite sure what my point even is here.  I just know that within the next few days (hours?) she should, realistically speaking, be deceased.  And I’m so sad.  I’ll miss her hot potato accent and her lady like tantrumsn when her son won’t allow her to do something like order three times the amount of toilet paper she really needs.  I’ll miss the milktarts and apple bakes I used to make with my mom when we went to visit her.  I’ll miss her repeated questions and forgotten replies.  I’ll miss her reminiscents of the past.


Granny Dora, you will be missed.  Thank you for always believing in me, even when no one else could.


  1. Gina says:

    It so sad to know you will have to say goodbye to someone you love. Its heartbreaking.
    We were just told my gran wont make out the year.
    It sucks!

  2. Amy says:

    Aww…. she sounds like a neat old lady Sheens. At least knowing that she hasnt got long left you have time to say a proper goodbye. Feel better ok ?

  3. stalker says:

    My Grand mama is also in her 90s and we have on numerous occasions been gathered around her death bed awaiting the worst and so far the miracle cure has been to get my aunt from Aus to come over, once she arrives my gran basically discharges herself from the hospital and get all better again and starts to order us around!

    Sometimes just seeing the people you love makes all the difference, and if it does not work and she does not get better at least she had the people closest to her heart with her in her time of need!

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