9 things about being engaged

  1. Our relationship is the same, only way more confidently settled, if that makes sense.  Suddenly, it’s not awkward about talking about baby humans, wrinkles, grey hairs (!!!) or even going to the loo.  In fact, Jon’s new favourite thing to do is stand on the other side of the bathroom door and ask me if I’m having a good time.  Really?! Grow up, Jon.  Girls still don’t pooh.
  2. I am one of the lucky non-Jews marrying into a Jewish family.  I’d heard such horrible, heartbreaking stories of families not accepting the chosen partner for their Jewish child.  But Jon’s family has been phenomenally accepting of me.  They were always lovely before, but I’m feeling so much more part of the family now.  Acceptance is a blessing I didn’t count on.
  3. Announcing that you’re planning a wedding automagically gives everyone around you the right to have an opinion on everything, apparently.  Some people have contributed wonderfully to our wedding, others have created such angst and diplomacy, I cannot tell you.  I confess to crying quite a few times because of what people have said/demanded/questioned.
  4. I’ve thrown mild to extreme eye-rolling tantrums on just about every web page on the internet, because I’m being followed around by wedding planner / photography / bride & co / florist supplier banners there ever was designed in the history of the great digital age.  LEAVE ME ALONE, WEDDING INTERNET!  I’M SO OVER YOU ALL!
  5. We’ve decided on Seychelles for our Honeymoon.  We’ll be going for 9 sleeps and I’m ridiculously excited.  I may have even promised Jon I’d try and snorkel with him.  I may or may not be breathing faster now thinking of all the potential fish that will swim up against me.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I spend at least 10 minutes daily looking at our Honeymoon destination online.  Have mastered the art of Googling “images of Seychelles, holiday in Seychelles, things to do in Seychelles”.   Please feel free to share any tips you may have, neither of us have been there before.
  6. I cannot wait for our wedding day.  It’ll be the first time our families meet (Eeek! So scary!), but more importantly, it’ll be the first time ever in my life that I’ll have all the people I love in the same space at the same time.  One of the products of divorce is that as a child, you split your time with your loved ones, and never get to see them all at once.  For my wedding, I’ve been lucky enough that all 3 of my families have pulled together and have made a plan to all be there.  It’s ridiculously special as far as I’m concerned.
  7. Wedding planning is not as fun as other people make it out to be.  It’s really not.  There are so many lists and things to do and keep track of and reminders and emails and questions and decisions and planning and answers needed.  It’s exhausting!  At one point, Jon and I both checked out of our wedding planning for a solid two weeks because we were so sick of it all.  Emails went unanswered and phone calls were declined.
  8. What you think will happen, generally doesn’t.  I’ve learnt that over and over again during this whole process.  It’s taught me so much about the people who matter, the people who don’t and the people who care.  I’m also learning (slowly) to just go with the flow and letting my control freak tendencies sit down for a bit (it’s hard though, shoh!).
  9. More than anything, every day Jon shows me what love is all about.  It’s about making coffee in the morning for your loved one.  It’s about cutting off a piece of cucumber without being asked while making a salad, for the other one to nom on.  It’s about holding hands quietly, or putting an arm around the other one when they need it most.  It’s about sharing feelings and laughing hysterically under the duvet.

Gosh we got lucky 🙂 jonandsheena


  1. Justin McCall says:

    1. It’s another feather in the committment hat, and that makes everything easier.
    2. Jon is jew’ish?!
    3. It’s YOUR wedding, screw everyone else and their bullshit.
    4. Disable cookies
    5. I did exactly the same for Mauritius, but I’m sure I spent my whole day looking, Google mapping, etc.
    6. It was the same for us, having everyone in one place, it is magical.
    7. It’s horrible, granted my gorgeous wife did most of it, but it can be soul-destroying.
    8. Going with the flow is best, it will happen, just the way you want it. The process to get there isn’t always how you expect it t happen.
    9. Get married already!

  2. Ankia says:

    Now aren’t you glad you didn’t set the date a year away 😉 Seriously though, don’t let the weddinng stress you out. It’s just 1 day and even if there are hiccups with logistics it’s not important because the people there love you & care about you. The people who mostly need to enjoy the day and feel the love are you & Jon xx

  3. Momma Vear says:

    Awesome. Excitement and still a bit unreal. But this is truly a perfect pair and my heart soars.

  4. MeeA says:

    Again, when I read about the stress that other brides endure, I’m so grateful for the simple, unfussy wedding we had!
    My mom has spent a lot of time in the Seychelles; She was the DJ in the nightclub on board the Oceanos – yes, the one that sank of the South African coast in 1991. My brother and I were supposed to join her on a month-long cruise in December 1991 but the universe had other plans… I look forward to seeing your photographs!

    If I know anything at all about the two of you, it’s going to be an epically beautiful wedding and you guys are going to rock it so hard, there won’t even be words. x

  5. Momma Bear says:

    Do not sweat the small stuff. Stop worrying about all our demands and questions.. Enjoy the planning. Hayley and I had such fun planning mine we also consumed copious amounts of wine,(just saying, it might relieve a bit of anxiety to have a shooter glass of wine … haha cos that is all you can handle without getting the giggles). Your day is going to be amazing because you are marrying the man you love. Enjoy every moment as it will soon be a beautiful memory and a new chapter to write in your book. Keep your sense of humour, it always seems to carry you through. Everything will work out exactly like you did not plan it but will be stunning anyway. And yes everyone coming will be there with a common goal – to see two people they love so much joining as one family, sharing all the rest of each others family and uniting all your friends on that day. I love you and the B.E.J. so much and can not wait to see my little girl do whatever it is you are going to be doing so differently and uniquely as only you can be, I know its going to be one of the best weddings I will be going to.

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