8 Random things for a Friday


  1. I carry my car keys around in my mouth a lot lately.  Its because I usually need to keep one hand free to deactivate the magnetic strip on the elevator door to get up to the floor our apartment is on.
  2. I am a speedy sms replier.  Swearious.  I usually reply instantly, and don’t need to look at the keys while typing.
  3. following 2, I usually have my phone with me always.  If I can’t carry it or put it in a pocket, it goes between ze boobies.
  4. I have way too much sugar in my coffee or tea, so I limit myself to 2 cups a day.  Pretty, the tea lady at work, doesn’t agree with that though and tries to ply me with more every two hours.
  5. Everything I do, starts with a smoke break. Mostly.
  6. I grew my leg hairs throughout the whole of winter.  True story.  They’re gone now though.  It’s colder at night, I swear.
  7. I do the same exact thing every single Saturday, from 8am – 2 pm.  Every week.
  8. I do my own eyebrows.  Every time I let anyone else near them, it’s a fuck up.

And, I’m turning this into a Meme.  I hate meme’s but I never get to start them, so bite me.  You know the drill:

  • Name 8 random things about yourself personally that your readers wouldn’t otherwise know
  • Tell me how wonderful I am before you tag 8 other bloggers
  • Think long and hard about if your random 8’s are personal enough.  If I tag you, you know how curious I am, so judge it by my standards, not yours.

And the chosen ones are:

  1. JBC – to welcome you officially to SheBee land
  2. Leez – for being so patient with me when my gchat dies
  3. J. No – for just being you in your own private little universe of cartoons (and no, you don’t *have to* tag anyone, I know how snobby you are)
  4. Rafiq – my new twitter life buddy
  5. Kyk – I’m completely name dropping here
  6. Jayx – because your madhatter is looking silent again 😉
  7. Amy – for tagging me, this is an adaptation of your original Meme
  8. Sonny – for being so rare these days, I miss you my Wobbo!

You have until Tuesday.

Aaaaand, GO!



  1. Amy says:

    Yes, seeing as tagged you for one i guess i better do yours. Tonight. After ” Big Brother “. Because yes, i am a tragic ” Big Brother ” fan….

  2. angel says:

    omg you didn’t tag me…!!!

    i do like your list- and i can testify to how fast you reply to text messages. i tend to multi-reply, with two or maybe three replies to one text… and you’ve usually replied to the first one whilst i’m beginning to type the second one!

  3. Chantal says:

    Hah, now I’m curious what it is you do every Saturday from 8-2. I like having weekend morning rituals too. So…what is it you do 🙂

  4. shebee says:

    JBC – on my way to check you out now.

    Amy – only because you know two of the Big Brother Australia contestants 😛

    Angel – hehee, this is the FIRST meme I haven’t tagged you in! LOL. And its all SKILL, baby, skillzzzz to type like I do.

    Chantal – If I told you that I would be giving away my secret identity, and Durban readers like Leez would stalk me! haha.

  5. leez says:

    “I do the same exact thing every single Saturday, from 8am – 2 pm. Every week.”

    you mean sleep- don’t you?

  6. Stef says:

    i will forever be grateful that i’m not on your list… although it’s a cool post 🙂
    *kissing your feet in thanks*
    i braid my leg hairs in winter too, it’s wonderful 🙂

  7. shebee says:

    Leez – good boy 🙂

    Leez (again) – nope, snot sleeping.

    Stef – hehehe. Kissing my feet. You said ‘kissing your feet’. FOOT FETISHIST!

  8. kyknoord says:

    Name dropping isn’t as bad as name throwing.
    I don’t know if I could pull together 8 interesting facts, but here’s one: I’m too lazy to do memes.

  9. leez says:

    Sheens: I *am* sleeping on saturday mornings so even if you were nude sunbathing on toti beach I would not be any where near you. I may send an audience though.

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