20Q….with ME!

So, I’ve been slack with the Interviews, and my pseudo journalistic hobby has taken a back seat due to lack of time, sources, and mainly, net access. I thought I would do an interview with myself. It’s been done before, this I know, and although might sound completely narcissistic and vain, I actually don’t mean it to be.

A few questions I’ve always wanted to be asked:

Do you fall in love easily?

NO. It takes a certain caliber of man to make me go weak at the knees. In fact, so far, there’s only been one and a half. The half is a project i’m currently working on. I’ve been accused of falling in love quickly, and this may be true, but it’s only happened once in a short space of time. Yet the time that was spent working on it was 3 solid weeks for at least 19 hours of each day. It happened spontaneously, unexpectedly, and didn’t last. It would have, probably, but it wasn’t my fault it didn’t.

Do you ever wish you had a smaller family?

No. Never not once in all my almost 24 years.

Has there ever been anyone who was unforgiveable in your life?

No. I honestly cannot think of one bad incident in my life where I haven’t forgiven the accused at some point.

Wouldn’t this make you a doormat?

You would think so, wouldn’t you? But no. I have limitations, which vary according to the situation, but I don’t believe in hatred. Its a wasted emotion. I take only so much before I put up a wall and nothing penetrates through. I am annoyingly stubborn and hard when necessary. Anger doesn’t last long on me either. Although I will say that once i’ve been burnt, it takes a lot to make me recover and move on. I always eventually do, though. Case in point – Kiera’s father. I only recently forgave him for having a pair of lungs that were wasted, when my baby could have done so much more with them had they been hers.

What is your biggest downfall?

Never following through with longterm plans. This is a disappointment to me, more than anyone else. I’m afraid to say I’m not always reliable either, especially with the people that I should be.

What good do you bring to the world?

I … entertain people from all walks of life, in places all over the world with my life stories, which I usually concoct in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep, only to publish them the next morning. Right now thats about the only thing worth mentioning.

Do you plan on ever settling down?

Well. Aside from my fear of commitment, I think only the right man for me would make it seem not so scary.

Do you ever regret having Kiera, even if you knew you would lose her again?

Giving birth to my daughter was the single most awe-inspiring achievement that I ever did with no help from anyone else. It was my body, my decision, my dedication that kept her alive and well and vanilla-custardly fed for nearly 8 months. They were the hardest, sadest, most joyful months of my life. It changed me. She changed me. I would do it all over in a heartbeat, even with the same outcome.

Will you ever have children again?

Nature-willing? Yes. It doesn’t matter when, how or why. I want to be a Mother again. Even if I was living in a cardboard box and had no friends to call the baby ‘godchild’.

Have you ever lied to your readers?

Omission is not a lie. Embellishment makes stories interesting. I write about who I am, what I do, when I do it and how it was done, with a few choice adjectives in between. Everything on my blog is a truth, of some sort.

In the goodie bag of 5 items you ask of all your interviewees, what would you have in it?
1.My entire list of family and friends
2.a laptop with unlimited access and kb’s
3.definitely not a phone, I hate phones. Possibly an IPOD with every song ever created, with future songs auto-magically uploaded as they are made
4.bottomless coffee container, complete with muffins of every flavour
5.someone of male specimen who gets me, knows me, shares me and still wants me.

I think I need to lie down.