14 posts from the last year. It’s been a good year :)

Some of the following posts done in the last year that made me laugh when I wrote them.  What with the up and coming awards I thought I’d rehash through some of them and list them here.  Because I’m manipulative like that:

  1. My ultimate favourite:  The car hijacking story.
  2. Millicent the Grape.  A story on hemorrhoids.
  3. A vibrating toothbrush issue.
  4. The day my mother removed my eyebrow.  And other hair follicle horrors in the salon of doom.
  5. Twitter Twucking.  Taking cyber to the next level.
  6. Howling back at dogs.  Yes, for real.
  7. My idea of what a real man should be like.
  8. Falsely getting engaged and telling the family.  By mistake.
  9. Hahahaaaa! Getting turned down for sex.
  10. My country bumpkin mother comes to the city for a weekend visit.  Lawd help me.
  11. How to not date.  Seriously.
  12. An online conversation that has me giggling to this day.
  13. Yoga.  It’s a motherbitch.
  14. A really bad day.  And quitting smoking.

And I’m stopping now.  Cos I’d go on forever.


  1. Hardspear says:

    Hi There!

    You deserve being in the top ten, hope my vote counted. Been missing your posts very much throughout 2008 when I had to take a break from blogging.

    I’ve not been able to get my stride back since starting again, but I’m giving it a go. Good to hear you are moving here. Would be nice meeting you.

  2. Shebee says:

    Heya darlin,

    Thanks for your vote 🙂 The first round was for nominations, this is the finals, so yes – please vote again if you still believe I are funny.

    Keep at it, I may not comment much, but my reader tells me everything you have to say on any matter on your blog, and you’re doing well.


  3. My name are being Stew says:

    I just know that 15. would be my guest post on zombies and bacon, because you wouldn’t dare STIFF me on Om nom nominating bacon AND do that…


    What’s all this about voting? Oh yeah, NOW you’re shakin’ aren’t you?!?!


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