You know what I fucking hate?

Being shouted at for nothing. I never complain about work, but fuck it – I am pissed now.

An important client emailed me to forward on something that he had deleted in error, and wanted on his records, so I did.

My boss then emails me with major attitude, telling me to leave his VIP’s alone, as it could make him look bad yadayada yada.

I then (in a moment of blind fury) sent him the original email from the client requesting ME to do it with the words:

“what was I meant to do here, [Boss] ignore the man? You should have sent it to him ages ago, which is why he contacted me!”

No reply of apology, and still counting…

I work in a mens corporate international exporting world, and don’t need this crap, just because I helped out a ‘VIP’.

Do you know what I think VIP stands for?




Ooh it gets better.

I just got accused of taking advantage of my assistants ignorance.