Want a title? Here’s an annual one.

I haven’t written a thing for weeks.  Bad, bad blogger.  Truth is I’ve been busy at doing this life thing.  Its quite time consuming if I’m honest, sorry about that.  Usually I find the time to sit down and jot down whatever words are flying between my ears at that particular point in time, but lately I just don’t have the energy or the inclination.  I don’t know if its necessarily a bad thing though…

Anyway, its the second last day of two thousand and eight.  Thank fucking god.  I don’t think I’ve ever made new years resolutions, ever.  So now I’m going to.  And you okes are going to help me stick to them okay?  Feel free to whip out pom-poms at any given time.  Especially when I need you to.  Here goes nothing:

  1. I will obtain a drivers licence.  However, I do not promise this will be done by any legal* means.
  2. I will be driving my second car.
  3. I will *not* allow any man to entertain any of my thoughts unless he has done the following: a) shown me his VALID book of identification; b) smelled my hair; c) met one of my real life friends and gotten approval. I will learn to love without having my heart fucking broken again.  If necessary I will do the breaking.
  4. A savings account will be set up so that I may finally take an international holiday.  I’m thinking Perth, Venice or Greece.
  5. Act more on impulse.  I overthink things too much and all the good things from 2008 all happened on impulse.
  6. Not stay away from Doctors as much as I have been since Kiera died.  I can’t remain angry at the medical world.
  7. I will find a happy song again.  I only keep the sad ones for myself for some reason, this much change.
  8. My book will be published. Finally.
  9. Fruit will continue to be a daily intake.  *puke!*
  10. I’ll read more and go online less.

I think I’ll stick to ten for now.  New Years tomorrow.  I have so many offers and no real plans.  I’ll see where the wind blows me, I think.  Wherever you are make sure you’re happy, loved and are loving.  Most of all, be safe.  See you on the flip side of Two Thousand and Mine!

* If you have any contacts in the department lemme know** okay?

** Offs, I’m kidding.  Sort of.  CALL ME!