1 day left and I caren’t feel mah legs!

You know you get those movie previews, where they entice you into going to watch the film and when you walk out of the Cinemarrr* you think to yourself, “what. the. fuck.”? Well, can I just say that Yoga is just like that!

Last week was all hunky dory, gentle stretching here and there, one or two puffs of breathing in and out, a funny position or two, and we prayed to the ocean and finished. Sommer net so. T’was lovely.

Today, on the other hand, was a fucking motherbitch! Not only did I hear my anus crying out to my earlobe that it was about to pack up my boobs and walk the hell out of class, but my poor and unrepaired broken foot took some strain and I can’t feel any of my back muscles.

Straight after class I came home to eat, clean up and change to attend a house party in my honour. Good lawd. I actually cannot explain to you what went down. I’m still in shock from hearing some of the boys stories.

I’ve met a group of people that are hysterical. Also, there’s a dude. I’m seeing him tomorrow.

That is all.

I turn 24 tomorrow.Ā  It feels weird.Ā  I feel like a 15 year old going on 39.

*Cath says it like that


  1. Amy says:

    My second class was a mother bitch too. I almost didnt go back. But i did, i loved it, and the rest is history! If i can save four thousand more dollars i’ll be training as a yoga teacher myself…

    Early happy burfday to you my love! Seeing as i cant get you anything else, i’m sending you good burfday vibes…

  2. Stef says:

    24 going on 42 more like šŸ™‚

    i am so scared i forget to sms you tomorrow, so here it is babe…. just in fucking case i forget!


    i hope you have an awesome day chick
    cause you are after all a very awesome chick šŸ™‚
    love you lots and hope you don’t have the mother of all hangovers on sunday šŸ™‚
    kisses en soene en drukke XXX

  3. Parenthesis says:

    You’re 24? Crikey. You need to call me M’am. 24 was some long [ok 8] years ago for me šŸ˜† Hope you had a fabulous birthday and got oodles and oodles of pressies xxx

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